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WayGood Tea - Lavender Earl Grey

WayGood Tea is a new company to me, and when given the chance, I was happy to review this tea for them. They are based in Seattle and the focus of the company is promoting wellness through healthy tea. The product line consists of four blends; one contains camellia sinensis and the other three are tisanes. I was allowed to choose which one I wanted to review, and since I quite like both Earl Grey and lavender, this one was a no-brainer for me.

Tea Pigs - Chai

It's a yucky rainy dreary day. The perfect day for a snuggly cup of chai! Teapigs sent me several teas to review not long ago, and one of them was this one. You have to love a company that will name itself Teapigs. I couldn't find anything on the site that really explained the history of the name, so I have to guess that it's because all of us tea lovers are little piggies when it comes to tea.

Steven Smith Teamaker - Oolong Ice Cream

I am breaking so many of my own rules today. First, I have a promise to myself that I won't review any teas that are not available for my readers, and this one is sold out. I am breaking that rule because this tea is part of a special batch, and there will be other (different) special batches and I think it's worth getting that word out there.

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