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Prana Chai

It has to say something about a drink when I find myself craving a hot version of it yet outside it feels like it's a million degrees and 200% humidity. Air you can wear. Still, I have been drinking chai every night and it is amazingly comforting. It was impossible to walk by the Prana Chai booth at the World Tea Expo and not stop. Front and center they had an enormous bucket of their chai sitting out. That doesn't sound unusual except for the fact that their chai is a "wet" chai and it is coated in honey, so the huge pile of leaf was shimmering in the lights and the smallest stir with the scoop stuck in it started the leaf moving in an unctuous mass. It was pretty mesmerizing!

Tea Leaf Co - Spirit

I reviewed a tea from Tea Leaf Co some time ago (linked at the bottom), and it's time to do another one! I even got a special teacup that I was saving for their next review, since they are Canadian based. I have a few samples from them and I was torn between two for this review. I finally chose the one that had more caffeine, because Sunday morning. 

American Tea Room - Brioche

My first exposure to American Tea Room was about a year ago, when someone sent me a sample of Brioche. I loved it. I was also in the "try all the teas" stage still, and after some time I got past that and started narrowing my taste a bit. I still carried the memory of Brioche and it was a fond memory, but I always worried that after having had so many other teas, I might be remembering it through rose-colored glasses.

Mountain Witch Tea Company - Fairy Nectar

My first interaction with Mountain Witch Tea Company was last Halloween. I participated in a secret pumpkin program on Steepster, and wanted to give my giftee something unusual and holiday themed. A bit of searching later, I found this company and it looked promising. Small batch blending, unique blends - everything that I love in a tea company!  

Ghograjan Tea Estate - Assam Golden Tips

If you like the idea of ordering your tea directly from a tea estate and skipping the middleman, this might be a good choice for you. I always enjoy learning about the tea estates, especially when one pops up that I haven't heard of before.

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