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Art of Tea's Holiday Teas

I don't play the lottery, but I'm beginning to think that last week I should have bought a lottery ticket. I won THREE different contests where the prizes were tea. Isn't that crazy? One of them was the White Winter Chai from Art of Tea. Art of Tea was nice enough to send samples of several of their other holiday teas, so I have been working my way through them this week and my notes are below. Before you call me out for doing "holiday" teas so early, one of these involves pumpkins and it's almost Halloween.

Craft of Tea Monthly Subscription box

I could kick myself. I ordered this tea from Craft of Tea about a month ago, and it has been sitting on a table waiting for me to review it. Yesterday I remembered it and decided to do the review and wow, do I regret not doing this sooner. This tea is great folks!

Special Dark Ripe Pu'er 2006 - Mandala Tea

Maybe it was the storms, or maybe the fact that it was dark so early last night. For some reason I really wanted to drink some pu'erh and I wanted to do it by candlelight. So, I did. You could subtitle this post "Pu for beginners" because I am still very new to it.

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