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My Healthy Way Double Walled Glass Infuser Bottle

This is a travel mug from My Healthy Way, and it is different from most of the ones I have reviewed in the past. The biggest difference is that there is no steeping basket to add and remove. It still works great for tea though, keep reading!

You Are Zen Tea Tumbler - you can win one too!

I love travel tumblers, you know that by now if you have been reading for a while. I use them daily - even when I am at home - because while I am working I don't want any chance that I will spill tea on my laptop. I was excited to have the chance to review this one from You Are Zen. And, You Are Zen is giving you a chance to win a tumbler too! Keep reading to see how.

Teabook Subscription

Good news for you guys who always say that all of the tea subscriptions are full of blends. This one is all pure teas from China! Teabook is based out of Seattle. Their subscription is $24.99/month and it ships on the 5th of the month. The first month of your subscription you are provided with a pretty nifty Teabook logo tumbler. Here's a picture of the first month's box.

Product Review: Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass

Libre tumblers have been on my radar for a long time, and you probably have heard of them too. I have never had one though, so when I had the opportunity to review one I jumped at the chance. I picked one of their newer styles, called "black brush" and I think it's gorgeous. Don't you? Right now this tumbler is $25.99 on Amazon (free shipping eligible) or $26.95 on the Libre site.

Product Review - Flying Tea Gourd

I am a daily travel mug user, so I jumped at the chance to review the Flying Tea Gourd, and incidently that has to be the best travel mug name ever. Don't you think? I was trying to figure the name out. I get from the picture on the mug that the gourd part is pretty obvious - it's a gourd/bombilla reference. The flying? Maybe from the fact that it travels. That's all I can come up with. This mug sells for $24.99 (as of today) on Amazon and is free shipping eligible.

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