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Tea Leaf Co - Spirit

I reviewed a tea from Tea Leaf Co some time ago (linked at the bottom), and it's time to do another one! I even got a special teacup that I was saving for their next review, since they are Canadian based. I have a few samples from them and I was torn between two for this review. I finally chose the one that had more caffeine, because Sunday morning. 

Tea Leaf Co - Brown Sugar

Tea Leaf Co is based in Toronto, and is a certified organic company. Their website makes me happy - you should check it out. It is all flowers, juicy berries, green tea fields and happy colors. It lifts my spirits just to look around. I'm also happy to say that they aren't all flash - these teas are great! And, Steph from this company seems to always be around, answers questions quickly, and has a strong social media presence. I love interacting with the companies who create what I am drinking.

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