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Freedom Superfoods Matcha

The package that Freedom Superfoods' matcha arrived in was extra heavy duty foil. It was easy to open and I feel really positive about the pouch's ability to keep the matcha away from light and air.  Right now it's available at Amazon for $24.97/100g, which seems to be a very competitive price.

Tea Leaf Co - Spirit

I reviewed a tea from Tea Leaf Co some time ago (linked at the bottom), and it's time to do another one! I even got a special teacup that I was saving for their next review, since they are Canadian based. I have a few samples from them and I was torn between two for this review. I finally chose the one that had more caffeine, because Sunday morning. 

American Tea Room - Brioche

My first exposure to American Tea Room was about a year ago, when someone sent me a sample of Brioche. I loved it. I was also in the "try all the teas" stage still, and after some time I got past that and started narrowing my taste a bit. I still carried the memory of Brioche and it was a fond memory, but I always worried that after having had so many other teas, I might be remembering it through rose-colored glasses.

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