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Timely Tea Monthly Subscription Box

I admit, the reason I ordered the first month of the Timely Tea box was that they have an offer for $10 off the first month, making it $3. I figured for that it would be worth it. On the front page of their site they talk about green, black, and oolong teas, and there are three teas for sale on their Shop page: Ancient Golden Yunnan, White Peony, and Jade Cloud. All indications were that the tea I would receive would be good. In addition, the first month's box includes a very sleek looking infuser that I thought might be nice for traveling.

Andrews & Dunham - Black Sunshine

The adventurer carefully assembled the tools she would need. She was the only one who possessed the magic elixir that could defeat the monster. She knew that the world's fate was in her hands. It was important that this looked like a normal teatime so the monster would not suspect anything.

New Tea Art Released Today from Little Lemon Press!

I have posted before about some tea themed art pieces I love from a Steepster friend of mine. Just today she has rolled out some brand new block printed greeting cards, and has an exclusive coupon code for readers of to use. Use code TEALOVER to save 10% on these cards that I know you won't be able to resist. This code is only good through August 1, so don't delay!

Tee & Co - Earl Grey Choco Berries

Sit back, grab a cup and let's talk about Earl Grey. It's a classic, and just about every company has one. Some have variations: Lady Grey, Earl Grey with lime, Earl Grey with lemon, the list goes on. It was actually my "gateway" tea - it was Twinings Earl Grey that got me interested in tea, and then I found out that there was a Lady Grey variant. That led to looking at teas on Amazon and then I learned about the big world of loose leaf tea. 

Da Cha Teas - Organic White Schizandra

I know what you are thinking. What's a schizandra berry? That was my first thought too, and my second was that I really wanted to try a tea that featured this mysterious berry. I'll get back to the berry in a minute. Thank you to Da Cha Teas for providing me with a review sample.

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