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Tea Art

I think tea people tend to be nice and I have met a lot of great people on Steepster. I have enjoyed sending and receiving surprise and planned tea packages with friends across the country and Canada, and we literally talk daily in a tea chat room.

Hackberry Tea - Red Velvet a la Mode, Salted Caramel Corn, Currant Plum

I have been looking for a company out there to fill the hole that Butiki Teas’ closing created. Butiki made amazing blended teas using quality ingredients and also put the flavors on an excellent base. I found Hackberry Teas through a Google search for hand blended teas. The site struck me as promising, so I ordered a few. It’s important to note - they have free shipping over $10! That is incredibly low so give them a shot. The customer service is also very personal. It is is owned by a married couple and the husband emailed me a couple of times and told me that his wife put in some samples of some of her favorite teas. The top three teas in the picture are ones I ordered and the bottom two were added by the owners.

Red Velvet a la Mode

Chi Whole Leaf - Floral Herb and Ginger Chai

Chi Whole Leaf recently had a Kickstarter that was successfully funded. I love seeing that! I look at Kickstarter regulary to see what's new out there in the tea world. The gist of this product is that they use all organic ingredients and grind them into a powder that can be used hot or cold to make a drink. Will from Chi was kind enough to send some samples to me to try. The one on the left lost his sticker somehow, probably my fault. There is also a chamomile version available on their website.

Matcha vs. Matcha!

I was fortunate enough to be one of several bloggers who participated in a matcha blind taste test sponsored by Red Leaf Tea. RLT sent twelve samples of matcha, all from different companies, and packaged them in numbered envelopes.

Dammann Freres - Coquelicot Gourmand

I have a crazy amount of teas from Dammann Freres right now. CRAZY. Crazy good, since I love their teas.

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