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MatchaDNA Handcrafted Matcha Bowl, Crooked Leaf Tea Bamboo Whisk, and Organic Wise Matcha

Where have I been? You noticed I wasn't here, right? I'm going pretend like you did. Nothing is wrong, the truth is that work has been kicking my tea leaves and then I was attacked by turkeys. Or, I had Thanksgiving. Same thing! I even had to pack up my photo set up in order to make room for guests, but now I'm back and just a little behind on reviews. 

Paleo Green Matcha and Classique Frother

Today's post is a Twofer. I had some matcha to review, and I had a battery operated frother to review, and it occurred to me that those two go well together! I have posted before about how I think people are intimidated by matcha, so every time I review one I try to prepare it in a different way. If you leave with nothing else after this post, please leave with the idea that you don't have to have a bamboo whisk and chawan to make matcha. it's fun if you do, but you can still have some great matcha with what you have at home. Today I am making my matcha in a rice bowl that I picked up at a thrift store for a dime.

Non Tea Related Review - Talon Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Sometimes I get the chance to review things that aren't tea, and I always jump at those chances.

Win a Sampler from Enjoyingtea!

Win a six tea sampler from Enjoying Tea! Enjoying Tea has been around since 2002 and is based in San Francisco. They have a huge selection of teas, and this sampler is a great way to try a variety of them. You can use code tmpr15a at check out for 10% off your purchase. Click here to enter our giveaway!

Product Review: Glass Teapot by Prolific Teacup

It's funny, I have quite a few teapots. At one point I even considered myself a teapot collector. But, I never used any of them. Oh sure - I have an Ingenuitea that I use and that is sort of a teapot. It functions essentially the same as one. But when it comes to a traditional teapot, I don't know that I had ever used one until yesterday. 

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