BlendBee - Custom Blend

Remember how I said I won three contests last week? This was the second one. Thanks to Steph Royalty and BlendBee, I won a $25 gift certificate to BlendBee!

Non tea related review - Bright Star Bamboo Cutting Board

This is my new favorite cutting boad. It is made by Bright Star and is available on Amazon. I love the size of it, it is the mama bear sized one that fits right in between my papa bear and baby bear cutting boards, and since I received it I have been reaching for it every time. Not only is it gorgeous, it's thick but still lightweight. The knives don't leave marks on it, and the groove that goes around the board is great for catching drips. I highly recommend this! 

Art of Tea's Holiday Teas

I don't play the lottery, but I'm beginning to think that last week I should have bought a lottery ticket. I won THREE different contests where the prizes were tea. Isn't that crazy? One of them was the White Winter Chai from Art of Tea. Art of Tea was nice enough to send samples of several of their other holiday teas, so I have been working my way through them this week and my notes are below. Before you call me out for doing "holiday" teas so early, one of these involves pumpkins and it's almost Halloween.

Amoda Box 2, featuring The Capilano Tea House

You know how sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night with an epiphany? That happened to me last night. It occurred to me that getting into the Amoda Box is a little like getting the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Seriously! I know the folks at Amoda (I hesitate to just say "Tegan" because I know there are others) are really diligent about sourcing only companies who are making their own blends and using natural ingredients. When I had the opportunity to review another box this month I jumped at it, because the Amoda Box always takes me somewhere I haven't been before.

Teabook Subscription

Good news for you guys who always say that all of the tea subscriptions are full of blends. This one is all pure teas from China! Teabook is based out of Seattle. Their subscription is $24.99/month and it ships on the 5th of the month. The first month of your subscription you are provided with a pretty nifty Teabook logo tumbler. Here's a picture of the first month's box.

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