Terrace Bloom - Yunnan Gold Black

There is a lot of negativity in the tea world about teas that are in bags or sachets. Normally I would agree. I like my tea leaves to go commando just like the next girl. But, if your complaint is that the teas that come in sachets are of inferior quality, I have a solution for you.

Raizana Tea Company - HappyTea and TranquilyTea

Raizana Tea Company has a tea bar located in Fresno, CA. They also sell their teas and tisanes online, both on their site and on Amazon. They were kind enough to provide me with two tisanes to review. I had some options and chose two: HappyTea and TranquilyTea. My rationale was that most of us like to have a drink early in the day to get going, and another in the evening to wind down. I tested both of these in the same day to see how they impacted me.

A Matcha Smoothie, featuring Legend Organic Matcha

I know what you are thinking. Why in the world would a person use ceremonial grade matcha in a smoothie? I hear you. Concern acknowledged. But here's the thing, I only have ceremonial grade matcha around, and I wanted a smoothie. So work with me here for a minute. 

Valley of Tea - Rohini Gem Darjeeling

Valley of Tea was a new company to me when I discovered them on Reddit. The company is based out of Belgium, and I know many European tea drinkers are always saying that they would love to have more ordering options available. Valley of Tea is all about premium straight teas - nothing flavored. The company came about for the same reason that many tea companies do: they had a hard time finding great teas and decided to fix the problem. They sent me several teas to try as a thank you for helping edit their website. 

An interview with James Lissy of Conundrum Teas

Recently I was fortunate enough to bend James Lissy's ear. He is the owner of Conundrum Tea, which is a company you should check out if you love quality single-origin teas. I have been really impressed with everything I have seen...and tasted of theirs!

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