Gifts for Tea Lovers (That Aren't Tea) Part 1

I started to put this post together in October. There, I said it. It was intended to be a list of Christmas gifts for tea lovers, then I got busy, so now let's just call it Valentine's Day gifts for the tea lover in your life. Deal?

Tea Infused Ice Creams by Tea-rrific!

It's 18F outside right now, and yet I want to talk about ice cream. Not long ago I was lucky enough to win an Instagram contest and the prize was a selection of tea-infused ice cream from Tea-rrific! Ice Cream. Pretty exciting stuff!

The Devotea Subscription Box

When you sign up with The Devotea, you can choose from three different plans. The box I received to review is "A Taster's Delight" and it includes three different teas. I love that it specifies that no herbal teas or decaf teas will be included. Subscriptions are on a 3 month basis minimum, with the best savings coming by prepaying a year.

Rington's Kenyan Gold Black Tea and Lemon, Ginger & Ginseng Herbal Tea

Where in the world has Marzipan been? Ordinarily I don't post much about myself on the blog, but I think you guys deserve some sort of explanation. It's at the end of the post, but it's not that interesting, I promise. I do have a lot of reviews to catch up on, and I apologize to the parties who have sent me things to review. I still have them lined up to go. I even have a bunch of untouched tea infused ice cream pints that I have sworn not to touch until I can review them. That has NOT been easy.

Solstice Brews - Hobbit Hearthwarmer

Recently I registered the blog on Bloglovin, which is a really neat way to organize the blogs you read. I have learned that they pull the first photo from each post as the representative photo on their site, and the first photo in my blogs is (in my opinion) the least interesting. So, I'm going to have to put the "glamour shot" first even though it sort of interrupts the flow of things.  Sorry!

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