American Tea Room - Brioche

My first exposure to American Tea Room was about a year ago, when someone sent me a sample of Brioche. I loved it. I was also in the "try all the teas" stage still, and after some time I got past that and started narrowing my taste a bit. I still carried the memory of Brioche and it was a fond memory, but I always worried that after having had so many other teas, I might be remembering it through rose-colored glasses.

Mountain Witch Tea Company - Fairy Nectar

My first interaction with Mountain Witch Tea Company was last Halloween. I participated in a secret pumpkin program on Steepster, and wanted to give my giftee something unusual and holiday themed. A bit of searching later, I found this company and it looked promising. Small batch blending, unique blends - everything that I love in a tea company!  

Full English Tea at TeaHaus, Ann Arbor MI

Business trips are really not my favorite thing. They involve a lot of things that aren't in my comfort zone: make up, dress clothes, lots of being "on" - and I am really a pretty committed homebody. This past week I had a business trip that took me to Detroit, but there was a very happy ending to the trip. I was able to meet my long-time Steepster tea friend Cheri, and we spent a full afternoon drinking tea and enjoying treats at TeaHaus in Ann Arbor. Cheri and I have become a chummy threesome with Steph, and the three of us talk just about daily. Meeting Cheri was like seeing a long lost friend, and it felt like we had known each other for ages. 

Ghograjan Tea Estate - Assam Golden Tips

If you like the idea of ordering your tea directly from a tea estate and skipping the middleman, this might be a good choice for you. I always enjoy learning about the tea estates, especially when one pops up that I haven't heard of before.

The Tea Spot - Earl of Grey

The Tea Spot was nice enough to send me several of their teas to review. I always like to spend some time reading about the companies who are a little bit new to me. You know what I learned? 10% of their sales go to cancer and community wellness programs. And, they are a certified woman-owned company! As a female company owner I really respect that. Nothing against you guys out there of course.

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