Global Tea Hut Subscription, featuring Tang Dynasty style tea brewing.

Global Tea Hut is different from any other tea subscription. It is about far more than just the tea that you receive. The usual monthly package will have a full color magazine, I would estimate 10-15g of tea, and another item. The last item can vary, but in the past I have received things as varied as a teapot polishing cloth, a bamboo trivet, some clips for closing tea packages, and some mineral rocks to add to tea water. I admit that for some of the items, when they arrived I sort of dismissed them, but now that I look back I realize that I use them all regularly. That is an indication of the sort of loving thought that goes into the monthly package. They gave me what I needed or would enjoy before I even realized that I was lacking those items.

Midori Spring Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Matcha is everywhere these days. Matcha Kit Kats, matcha lattes, I'm sure there will be a matcha Oreo if there isn't already. Until this point my experience with matcha was mainly with flavored types and I had never had a ceremonial grade of it, so I jumped at the chance to try some.

Product Review - Flying Tea Gourd

I am a daily travel mug user, so I jumped at the chance to review the Flying Tea Gourd, and incidently that has to be the best travel mug name ever. Don't you think? I was trying to figure the name out. I get from the picture on the mug that the gourd part is pretty obvious - it's a gourd/bombilla reference. The flying? Maybe from the fact that it travels. That's all I can come up with. This mug sells for $24.99 (as of today) on Amazon and is free shipping eligible.

Amoda Tea Subscription Box

Amoda is one of the best known tea subscriptions out there, and for good reason. Amoda's focus is to find independent tea companies who do small batch blending using natural ingredients. Their monthly box is a true sampler and a great choice for someone who is looking for carefully curated teas to try but doesn't want huge quantities.

Tomotcha Subscription

I really don't know how it happens that sometimes I come across a subscription that seems really interesting, but there has been no buzz about it in the tea circles - at least the ones I run in. This seems to be the case with Tomotcha. It's a subscription that is focused around quality Japanese teas. It costs $20 a month (includes shipping) for ~50-70g of one tea. The amount varies depending on the rarity of the tea. The goal is to introduce the subscriber to a new tea each month. Some of the past months have featured: kabusecha, chirancha, karigane, hojicha, shincha, sencha and mugicha. This month's tea was gyokuro.

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