My Healthy Way Double Walled Glass Infuser Bottle


This is a travel mug from My Healthy Way, and it is different from most of the ones I have reviewed in the past. The biggest difference is that there is no steeping basket to add and remove. It still works great for tea though, keep reading!

One of the most unique features of this tumbler is that the outside is BPA free plastic, and the inside is borosilicate glass. I have reviewed a lot of tumblers that were glass, and in fact I passed one along to my daughter who absolutely loved it...until she dropped it in the sink and it broke (along with her heart). The exterior of this tumbler would help reduce the odds of breaking the glass interior (My Healthy Way actually says that the glass won't break anyway). The double walled design also keeps the heat away from your hands, and since the interior is glass there's no funky flavor added to the drink.

This tumbler could be used in two different ways for tea. You could brew the tea in your brewing device at home and then just fill the tumbler and go. Or, you could use an extended steeping method where the leaves stay in the bottle and you keep filling it up with hot water. There is a discussion about that style of brewing on Steepster right now. That is what I did for this review.

As you can see from the photos below, there is a stainless steel disc that can be inserted into the cap to keep whatever you are infusing into the water (tea leaves, fruit, etc.) from flowing into your mouth. The leftmost picture is the bottle fully closed. The middle shows the cap removed and what you would drink from, and the third shows what it looks like with the cap unscrewed.

The tumbler comes completely apart as you can see below in the third shot. The glass inner part can be taken out of the plastic outer part, so everything is fully accessible for cleaning. I took it apart and put it back together several times with no issues.

On the photo on the right you can see where I put some Dian Hong in the tumbler and added hot water. I don't usually do this sort of extended steep, although I understand it is very common in Asian countries, especially with green teas and oolongs. What I found when doing this is that it took less leaf than when I do a Western style steep. I put about 2g into the tumbler and got two full 14 oz. steeps out of it. I never felt that the tea tasted oversteeped, bitter, or astringent. I could see myself using this often, and think in the summer it would be really refreshing with lemon or cucumber in the cylinder.

So the big question - did it leak? You know I always do a paper towel test on travel tumblers, and here it is:

It didn't leak. If you have any issues, My Healthy Way offers a full guarantee no matter what your reason is. So you can't really go wrong by trying this one out.

I received this travel mug at no cost in exchange for my honest review.


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