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WayGood Tea is a new company to me, and when given the chance, I was happy to review this tea for them. They are based in Seattle and the focus of the company is promoting wellness through healthy tea. The product line consists of four blends; one contains camellia sinensis and the other three are tisanes. I was allowed to choose which one I wanted to review, and since I quite like both Earl Grey and lavender, this one was a no-brainer for me.

I think the packaging that the tea comes in is really attractive. I like the cardboard "tins" that some companies use. I also liked that the sachets weren't crowded inside - it's a large container and it allows the sachets room to nestle comfortably inside rather than being wedged tightly and having the ingredients crushed.

When I opened the container I was greeted with a circular piece that let me know that the teas had been thoughtfully packaged for my convenience. I have never seen this before and I absolutely love the idea. On the right photo you can see what was in the cylinder. There is a package of sachets (with a resealing strip - thank you!) on the left, and then on the right there are six individually wrapped sachets that are perfect for grabbing on the go or sharing with someone else. I used one of the individual packs for this review. It was notched and very easy to tear open. 

Why did I use one of the individual ones? Well, I wasn't sure if I would be keeping the remainder or handing it off to a friend. My thinking was that if I left the big package untouched, the teas would be fresher if I gave them away.

But, I'm keeping them all.

Let's be honest, lavender teas can really go either way. It's a tough ingredient to get right, and I went into the tasting not knowing how things would work out. Lavender is a pretty divisive ingredient, and there was a time that I wouldn't have liked it either. Something interesting has happened to me over the past year though and now I really love floral teas.

I was leery of the five minute steep suggested on the container, but I really try to brew things according to the guidelines for reviews. So, five minutes at boiling it was. The tea smelled really nice while it was brewing. Lightly lavender, a little citrus. The five minute steep gave me enough time to make a little lavender heart and the long steep did not make the tea astringent at all.

I thought this was really delicious. I enjoyed the lavender notes in the tea. I could still taste the black tea base, and I found the lavender and bergamot (another divisive ingredient) to be very well balanced. 

There are other ingredients in this tea as well: rosemary, elderberry, juniper berry, and orange peel. I don't really pick those out individually, but that's good right? It's a sign of a good blend when all of the ingredients come together to make something else. It's possible that the addition of these other things is what helped achieve the balance in the tea. Whatever it is, it's working. 

I enjoyed this so much that I took another look at the remaining blends on the website, and would love to try those as well.

Oh, and the elephant in the room - "cleanse" - I don't really review teas based on their cleansing abilities. I wouldn't even know how to judge that. But, I do believe that everything that we drink helps cleanse us, just by definiition and through basic bodily functions. If the remaining herbs do a better job of that, awesome. I don't have the background to make that claim. But, if you want to drink something delicious, check this out.

This tea was provided at no cost in exchange for my honest review.


Suzy 2 years, 11 months ago

I've enjoyed reading your blog. I've found a whole lot of new tea companies. Gorgeous pictures, great tea reviews.

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Marzipan 2 years, 11 months ago

That made my day, thank you!

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