Wicked Tea Subscription Box #2


Month two of my Wicked Tea subscription arrived, and I wanted to share it with you guys. I'm going to try to do a better job of posting what I get each month from the subs, even if it's more of a "mini post" - I think there is value in having several months of shipments to look at, don't you? I have already done a more in depth post about the subscription itself, so I won't rehash the particulars of it.

I will say that I am still very happy with the variety of teas that come. This month I got a black/chai, a green, a white and a rooibos. I still need to find someone who likes rooibos above all others so I can send these to them! 

Of course I broke into the Pumpkin Chai first, and I liked it a lot. But since everyone has some sort of tea like that I decided to post about one of the more unusual ones. I have been on this weird white tea kick lately. It's not that white tea is weird in itself, but I'm usually a fairly diehard black tea drinker so it's odd for me to be craving white teas. Even weirder is that historically I haven't liked floral teas much, and I generally don't like cherry things, but I picked the Cherry Rose White to drink. And, I liked it. Good job Wicked Tea!

I started looking at the dry leaf of the white blend and it had all of these fuzzy balls in it, and I was intrigued. Look how pretty!

I looked around for some information on them and this was what I found. I didn't do the most exhaustive of searches but I was satisfied enough just knowing that it's a good thing and an indication of the quality of the harvest.

The dry leaf smelled pretty rosy, so when the package suggested a steep of 3 to 7 minutes, I went with three. I was afraid of being overwhelmed by old lady perfume smell/taste. In restrospect I wish I had steeped it longer since the resulting flavors were very light.

The hot tea was very relaxing and soothing. I got a hint of rose and something that tempered it, which probably was the cherry. But I definitely wasn't hit by a cherry flavor bomb or a bottle of old lady perfume, so I call this a very successful and balanced blend. Given my predisposition to not like the flavors, I was fairly shocked at how much I liked it. 

I decided to chill the rest of it and see what happened when it was cold, and the flavors came out a bit more. I really enjoyed the glass of chilled tea I had this morning. Overall this was a surprise hit for me.

Definitely keeping this sub, at least until I get too overwhelmed with tea. I am intrigued by their blends and like that they have flavors that are unexpected and not sold everywhere, in addition to some tried and true favorites.


Heather Curtis 2 years, 8 months ago

I love rooibos blends. So feel free to share whenever lol :-P

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