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I could kick myself. I ordered this tea from Craft of Tea about a month ago, and it has been sitting on a table waiting for me to review it. Yesterday I remembered it and decided to do the review and wow, do I regret not doing this sooner. This tea is great folks!

The subscription works a little differently than many of the boxes I have reviewed. Many boxes curate the teas for you and you don't know what you will receive - the surprise is a big part of it. The Craft of Tea box is different. You can choose a box with four teas ($19.99) or a box with eight teas ($29.99). You can pick what teas you will receive, ask the Craft of Tea staff to pick for you, or a combination of the two. If you find that you have favorites, you can set those favorites up to arrive every month.

Craft of Tea currently has 58 different teas - both straight teas and blends, and the best part is they do their own blending! This is not just another repackager/reseller of wholesale teas. With the subscriptions you get a half ounce of each tea, so it's a great sampler size. You have enough to have the tea a few times and decide if you like it, but you aren't buried in any one kind.

I had a discount code and ordered the larger box.

Communication from the company was friendly and fast, as they emailed me to determine which teas I wanted. They arrived nestled in tan tissue paper in a treasure chest type box. 

I ordered a variety of black, white and pu'erh teas. With a name like Rock & Roll Pu'erh, I knew I had to try that one first. It is a maocha, or loose leaf pu'erh, and I decided to brew it Western style for two minutes.

The dry leaf smelled strong. Many pu'erhs have what people call a barnyard smell and it wasn't that, but it just smelled like MORE somehow. Dark, a little earthy, a bit like cocoa. There was a little bit of musty but in a good way. The color was also dark with some strands of red.

The brewed tea was dark, almost like coffee. It has a full, hearty flavor with a hint of leather. I get a bit of hazelnut but no strawberry. I don't drink a lot of pu'erh and wasn't sure how I would like this one, but I liked it a lot more than I anticipated. I think it isn't so flavored that it would bother a regular pu'erh drinker, yet also it's accessible enough that this would be a great tea for people who are usually intimidated by it. While I only brewed it once, there was definitely more life in the leaves so I think it would give a lot of steeps gong fu style.

I had only planned to write about one tea in this post, but having Romantic Date Night made me reconsider. I didn't photograph it but this is a real wow of a tea for me. Gorgeous fuzzy white tea leaves, pink rose petals, and mint. The blend says it has lavender but I don't really detect any, and the rose is very light. Mostly I get an amazing round and soft mouthfeel from the white tea and a delicate and very refreshing mint. I liked it so much that I'm having it for the second night in a row.

I'm not really sure how this company has escaped my attention for so long, but I am really excited about their blends! It's so difficult to identify companies who blend their own teas and use quality, all natural ingredients. The subscription is the only way you can get the half ounce packages, but larger quantities of individual teas are available for purchase.


Amanda, Soggyenderman 3 years ago

Good to know they do their own blending! I will have to give them a try!

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Cameron B. 3 years ago

Hi Marz! I miss getting subscriptions but I just haven't been drinking tea lately. Miss you guys, too!

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